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Originally Posted by emilymckelvain View Post
abearbodies - What kind of excercises do you do with your sandbag? I have a 50 lb. gravel bag (I thought it would be less likely to leak than sand). I've done some lifting and walking with it, and some very slow sprints (if you could call it that!). It's really challenging!!
I order a duffel bag from an Army surplus website and then I went to Lowes and got some heavy duty garbage bags, a ton of duct tape and two 50lb bags of sand. One Sunday afternoon I brought all that outside plus a scale and made a bunch of bags of sand from 5lbs, 10lbs, 20lbs, 30lbs till all 100lbs were gone. I duct tape the holy heck out of them and now I throw in what I need into the duffel bag and duct tape the bejesus out of it. So I can go from 5lbs to 100lbs although I've only ever gotten up to 65lbs.

What I do is a series of carries up and down my driveway which is roughly 50 feet long. I do Zercher carries, shoulder carries and overhead carries. I'll pick up the sandbag, get it in position for Zercher carries and carry to the end, turn around and walk back, drop it on the ground. Then pick it up again and get it on my left shoulder, carry it back and forth, drop it then pick it up again and place it on my right shoulder and go back and forth.

Then for the coup de gras, I pick it up, raise it over my head with outstretched arms and carry it back and forth. As this point I go back and pick up the lung or two that I might have lost along the way and wave at all the passing neighbors looking at me like I'm training to be an Al-Qaeda terrorist or something.

It really is a simple approach but this along with sled work makes a huge difference in my conditioning. Like you posted, it is challenging!!! I've never sprinted with them, now THAT sounds interesting! I'm not quite sure I could handle that.
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