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First off, please don't put words in my mouth. I never called anyone a quack. I pointed out a truth of which you are well aware. Please don't diminish the value of this discussion with accusing me of something in an attempt to discredit me. That is ad hominem and doesn't lend any credit to your argument.

People ate a high protein diet out of the need to survive periods of famine. The paleo diet is for gaining weight, not losing weight. People were not concerned with how they looked or their bellies. They were concerned about survival.

The whole premise or theory that the hunter-gatherer societies are the way we "should" eat is based on a desire to continue to eat high protein diets. If we wanted to look at what we should eat, we should examine our anatomy and taxonomy. If we base our future on the theory that whatever we did in the past is "correct", then some of us would still own slaves, or others might be stealing their spouses from neighboring cities and forcing marriage upon them, etc.

If we look at cultures with high protein diets in today's society, we see evidence of poor health and poor longevity.

If I wanted information on how to exercise properly, I would consult Dr. Cordain, a PhD in Physical Education. If I wanted to know something about nutrition, I would consult Doctor Campbell, a Professor of Nutritional Biochemistry.

Could you please list some accomplished athletes on a high protein diet? I have never heard of an Atkins athlete before, but possibly my research hasn't dug one up yet.

Protein is a huge myth, because you will never ever need more protein if your life then when you are an infant. In two years, you grew around 350%. The perfect food for an infant is mothers milk with is around 4.5% protein by calories. There are plenty of bodybuilders, power lifters, and world class athletes who consume well under 20% protein and none of it animal protein. Animal protein, of course, have many bad things in it compared to plant proteins. So, if you need protein, better to go with the plant protein.
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