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I eat zucchini, broccoli, carrots, and onion. Not much else, really. Tomatoes, if you want to classify them as veg.

I don't think there are any veggies I can eat raw--unless I want to spend the rest of the day uncomfortably bloated and, er, embarrassed. If you get my drift. Same with beans. My vegetarian days are over.

I know they have this stuff called Bean-o, which I used to take, but it turns out it's got gluten in it, and gluten gives me neurological problems. So, the only veggies I eat are cooked, usually stir-fried in olive oil. Or, in the case of carrots, roasted.

Honestly, I eat veggies in phases. I'll have a lot of vegetables in my diet for a week or so, and then I'm just sick of all the chopping and cooking, not to mention the fact that it's hard to find veggies that look good in the store, so I go for a while without.
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