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Originally Posted by jennygoodman View Post
So I figure if I call myself out on all the bad choices I make, maybe I'll find some motivation to change...

1. Diet soda! (I justify drinking it because I am a stickler for calories, and the bottle says zero, so it makes me feel better).

2. That second bowl of frozen raspberries with Cool Whip Free. Yeah, it's "Free"...if you eat the serving size. I, however, scoop it on like it's ice cream.

3. Giving up on myself when using the elliptical. I have a hard time pushing myself to do better. I usually do 10 to 15 minutes, decide that I'm huffing and puffing too much, and quit. But I know if I would just push myself, I could probably go for another 10 to 15 minutes, at least!

Well, .8# in one week isn't bad at all... a "healthy" goal is 1-2 per week... That being said, I am going for 2.5 per week... am I going to achieve that every week until Christmas... we'll see!

Diet Soda isn't good for you, obviously... but who wants to drink water all the time? I've found that regular coffee on crushed ice (occasionally with a packet of splenda) is a GREAT substitution for me. It gives me a robustly flavored drink, but spares the aspartame & artificial ingredients. I still order diet soda when I go out to eat, but you may want to try it.

Cool Whip Free on top of frozen berries is super yummy, for sure.... and berries are certainly very good for you. Do you have a food processor? You can take a nice ripe banana & whip the cool whip into it, maybe with a pinch of cinnamon, and VIOLA you've got the same volume of your old cool whip but packed full of rich nutrition (potassium not withstanding) and you still have your delicious berries and cream!

As far as the elliptical... If I had an absolute answer for that, I'd be a rich lady. I do have some tricks that work very well for me... but they are a bit taboo... Firstly, try to give yourself 30 minutes before your work out to "pump yourself up" Put on your tennis shoes & workout gear and go about your typical routine. You'll see yourself as you walk past mirrors and windows and it can help get you into the mood. You may want to try a workout supplement at this time as well. They usually have some kind of stimulant which can help with motivation. Remember that working out longer is better than working out harder, for weightloss... So if you can make it to 30 or 40 minutes on a very low level it's better than 10 or 15 minutes of higher intensity workout. Finally, and more taboo.... Marijuana absolutely helps with longevity on workout machines. It is legal where I am (they're about to start selling it in regular stores here). I use it right before working out and can consistently go 65 minutes without much struggle at all. The thing about this that can be difficult, though, is that you must put it away except for working out... otherwise you'll have to answer to the whole box of wheat crackers or chips in the cupboard.

My weakness? Alcohol, hands down.... I still maintain a low-cal diet (and work out 7 days a week) but according to my chart I intake 28% of my calories from booze.... not good at all. I drink regular vodka with club soda and a squeeze of lime, so at least there's not a bunch of other junk in it.... still, not good... Need to cut back for certain.
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