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I hope this thread's not dead...
Hey I just joined fitday about a week ago and found this thread today. Haha I also put on 'love weight'- about 20-25 lbs. We go out to eat too much and drink too much beer. I think having a beer after work once a week turned into having a couple beers a few nights a week and that delicious nectar of the gods is a big diet buster.
Anyways, since joining I've lost about 4 lbs- I love this site! I think it'd really help to have other ladies who are serious about losing 20-25 lbs. My goal is about 1.5 lbs a week and I know it'll get harder to lose as I get closer to my goal.
Anyways- hope you all are still on track!

Edit: ok as of this morning I'm back up to 151.5 - so those 4 lbs came right back somehow. : (

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