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For me personally, high protein works. I don't subscribe to Atkin's or South Beach, it's just what I've found keeps my blood sugar stable. But humans are omnivores, and since we can handle pretty much any food in nature, it stands to reason we can eat very different diets as individuals but still stay healthy. I do think it's better to get your vitamins and minerals in your diet naturally vs taking a pill, and 15 minutes in the sun beats a vitamin D supplement. I don't see logically how mild sun exposure is worse for you than covering the largest organ of your body in chemically based sunblock on a daily basis to the point where vitamin D deficiency is becoming common. I don't believe holistic and organic really mean squat aside from being fashionable buzzwords of the moment. What are commercial drugs anyway, except refined plant compounds? Holistic remedies ARE drugs, unregulated untested drugs dispensed by a community built on hearsay and severely lacking in formal medical education. Some holistic remedies help, some can do a lot of harm, and most of them really do nothing at all. I don't see how letting diseases run rampant in a food animal herd or culling (aka killing) animals at the first sign of disease to control (notice I didn't say stop) the spread of disease is better than the judicious use of antibiotics as needed. Remember there are reasons why we started using chemical fertilizers and antibiotics in farming to begin with, and a lot of those reasons were pretty darn nasty. Not to mention, in this day and age where humans are overpopulating the Earth, demanding farming methods that produce a smaller yield is probably not the wisest course of action. There's got to be a reasonable middle ground between reducing pesticide/antibiotic/chemical use and keeping fresh food accessible and affordable. Anyway, sorry that turned into a rant I get pretty passionate about nutrition sometimes, and deep down I am pretty opinionated. Feel free to agree or disagree, the above is totally my opinion only.
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