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Thank you everyone for your input. Keep the suggestions coming! I just got back from the store~
Baby carrots
cherry tomatoes
romaine lettuce
one red and one yellow bell pepper

I also bought regular blue cheese dressing. I am not a big sauce fan, same goes for dressing so I think I will use a minimal amount. I like my food more, well I guess some would say dry. My thought was if I have a salad that has virtually no fat, a little fatty dressing would be okay.

There is an super yummy chicken salad that I love at one restaurant that has sliced avocados on it. I find the avocados almost replace the dressing as I put even less on when those are on the salad so maybe I will try those in place of dressing in the near future.

I bought so many veggies I now don't know where I am going to fit in the fruit; I also bought apples, oranges and bananas. I told my Husband that I couldn't believe all the healthy stuff we had on the cart. He thinks my body is going to go into shock!

I told him my plan to try and fill up on fruits and veggies during the day to get my recommended daily amounts and hopefully not have a lot of room left for the not so healthy stuff. He agreed that it sounded logical. We will see how it goes starting tomorrow.
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