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Talking I'm overweight

Goal number 1...check

I did it...I did it. Today I am officially overweight...yeah me. Woo hoo.

You know, if I were this excited about being overweight anywhere else in the world, they would lock me up for being crazy....Only in this forum do people understand that it's actually progress and a reason to celebrate. I can't figure out why my family is not as supportive at 5:30 am when I wake them up to tell them. LOL.

I am very excited, and today I am just going to bask in my overweightness. Thank you for all the support you've all given over the last couple of months. This is an amazing journey, and I'm really glad I have people to share it with. Thanks a bunch.

Re Start Date: January 1, 2011
Start Weight: 204.6 lbs
Today: 196.6 lbs
April 1, 2011: 182lbs
July 1, 2011: 163.8lbs
Oct 1, 2010: 147.4lbs
Goal: 140 lbs

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