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I had a good day yesterday: got in plenty of water and didn't log but know from experience my calories and carbs were very nicely under my limits. Got in a baby step of 10 minutes of exercise after my promise of at least 5. Will try to add a minute (or two) per day to build up stamina.

I'm going to look for a different recipe for the low carb zucchini bread. I made a loaf of regular zucchini bread for DH last night and it came out great, but I didn't tell him I used artificial sweetener in it just in case I couldn't resist a controlled cheat. So far I had like a 1/2 inch cube of it, just to make sure it came out well. My next experiment, probably tomorrow, will be low carb baked zucchini fries.

DH and I are going out for dinner tonight and I'm going to try to be really good. I'm toting salad dressing from home. I'm taking a piece of my salvaged-by-microwave low carb zucchini bread (at least it TASTES good) and will have that and some cantaloupe for dessert along with a cup of the restaurant's great coffee.

Libby, oh, honey--you tried to be good. Baked chicken thighs are one of my favorites meats--great job on baking rather than frying.
It's hard at movies, isn't it? Snack deprivation at movies doesn't serve me well, either. If I know ahead of time we're going to a movie, I smuggle in (not allowed to do that) a snack bag containing Hershey Sugar Free Chocolate miniatures and some unsalted almonds because there's nothing at the snack stand that I can eat. Aw, I hope the cookie cheat doesn't show up on the scale.

Debbie, glad to read that you had such a wonderful anniversary dinner. Your food sounds healthful and delicious. Hey, it's creamy mushroom SAUCE, and not your whole meal, so I'll bet you'll be just fine with that indulgence and your scale will be very nice to you. Enjoy your weekend with family. Yes, I use unsalted black soybeans--Eden brand that I can find only online and luckily at the same online store from which I buy my low carb protein shake mix, so I order like 12 cans at a time and then get free shipping with my shake mix order. They're like $1.79 a can (US dollars) but so worth it for me. They're organic but I didn't seek them out for that. They're only one net carb per half cup serving and delicious. I've even made low carb baked beans out of them and no one could tell. (Yeah, I'm sneaky sometimes. LOL)

Nyda, I hope you're feeling better today.

Jenai, holy cow! Why were you up all night cleaning and cooking? Insomnia or did you nap too long yesterday after being so tired? You and I both are trying our best to be good today on our food. I was encouraged to find a .4 lb. loss on my scale this morning and I'm claiming it as true. What an excellent idea to eat the lasagna minus the noodles on Hungry Girl bread! Thanks for the caution on not over-doing the exercise in view of having to take baby steps. I took your advice. KUDOS on your plan to make treats for the family next weekend and have them fit into your eating plan! OK, yeah, I see you wound up at 1820, but you HAVE TO give yourself credit for such a controlled pizza cheat and for the tuna on the Hungry Girl bread! I hope you had a good rest last night. My crockpot full of soup won't last long, so I'm not going to freeze any. I also like cold soup for a quick lunch or snack on a hot day and this soup is also delicious cold. So easy to make, too!
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