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JediMindTricks 07-07-2014 08:16 AM

Accountability, Motivation and Support 7/7 - 7/13
I'm starting this a little early, but I'm sure there should be no problem with that. Here's a quote that I felt least for me:

It's not whether you get knocked down; it's whether you get up.
(Vince Lombardi)

Libby, I'm sorry you had a difficult weekend. Like others on here have told me, I have to remind you that one or two days is not going to kill your efforts. I know that when I have a bad day or two (or weeks!) that I get really hard on myself. It takes me a while to put it all in perspective and realize that I just need to get back in the saddle and keep going. I know you will get back into the swing of things. It being hot and keeping you awake certainly doesn't help! Do you have a/c?

I for one am feeling a new burst of motivation, and like the quote above says, I'm ready to get back up and fight again.

I cried and whined about how I kept going over my calories, but it was me who did it to myself. The calories didn't just magically enter my mouth. Yes, I seemed more hungry than normal at times, and sometimes even ravenous, so that didn't help. However, only I can control my weight loss efforts. I am going to regain control.

I did very well today (1400 calories). One of my favorite things of all time is Nutter Butter cookies. They were on sale this week for only $1.67 so I bought 2 packages. I was so shocked to discover than 1 cookie has 65 calories!!!:eek: Holy heck! Even though I wanted to devour them, I had one serving...2 cookies. And put the rest back. I felt proud of myself for saying no and being firm with that inner voice that is always tempting me to eat more.

The next thing I need to work on this week is getting back into exercising. My back still has a little nagging twinge that doesn't seem to want to go away, but I think maybe if I exercise it and stretch it that it may feel better soon. I am hoping to go on a strong stretch here and get to Onederland by my goal date. I know it's not a race, but if I don't challenge myself then I seem to go no where.

Sorry for rambling!!! I have excessive energy tonight!

jjrudd 07-07-2014 12:27 PM

Thanks Jenai for starting us off. I can't believe it is Mon again--that week just flew by!!!

1. Keep within carb limit
2. 4 servings of fruit/veggies
3. Exercise 4X for 30 min

Personal goals
Clean hall closet
Tidy and dust bedroom


Mern 07-07-2014 03:31 PM

Jenai, such compassionate and sound advice to Libby! What a great group this is. You and everyone here are so supportive! You know, I didn't read you as "crying and whining" last week--just reporting your days accomplishments or lack of them, but all along I understood that you knew you needed more control. I didn't take it that you felt you were an unfortunate victim. I think we all had empathy for you because we've been in your shoes on food intake control issues in the past and know we will likely be at times in the future. Hey, congrats on the Nutter Butter cookie control! Way to go! :) Wow, are you and I on the same wave-length/page or what?! I decided this morning before logging onto FitDay that I have to work harder to reach Onederland with you by 10/31. I haven't been exerising, either. I'm going to have to take baby steps to get back into it, so I am committing to baby steps of ten minutes of formal aerobic walking four days this week--and then go longer than ten minutes if I choose.

Jenn, hi. Very nice goals! How's your Mom doing?

My goals this week are simple again:
Pre-plan my daily menu
Stay within my dietary guidelines
Drink plenty of water
Exercise a minimum of ten minutes per day four days this week

Today's menu:

Breakfast: vanilla cinnamon TVP "oatmeal" with sunflower seeds (saving the chocolate for my almond milk later)

Pre-exercise protein shake

Lunch at a fast food place: cheeseburger with onion that I'll transfer to a low carb tortilla and also toted from home some celery sticks with soy nut butter.

Snack: flaxmeal muffin

Dinner: chicken and low net effective carb pasta casserole, green beans, half a fresh peach

Snack: zero cholesterol egg and turkey deli meat rollup, chocolate almond milk

Mern 07-07-2014 03:42 PM

Jenai, thanks for your sweet comment about my great-granddaughter's pics. Actually, cooked textured veggie protein (TVP) has very much the same taste and texture of oatmeal, so I'm sure my adaption of your recipe isn't much different in taste at all--but next time I go to the store I'll get walnuts. I have nutty sunflower seeds and almonds on hand, but walnuts are also good for the heart and I think they go better with walnuts than other nuts and seeds. Way to go on your chicken salad dinner. It sounds delicious! It's what inspired me to do a chicken and pasta casserole for dinner tonight.

Libby, so sorry about your bad weekend foodwise, but this is the start of a new week--clean slate--so we'll all be cheering you on. In what did your DS earn another gold medal? How fun! I hope you eventually got a good rest last night after the rain and lightening stopped.

lildebbieg 07-07-2014 04:06 PM

Good morning my fabulous fitday friends! I had a terrible weekend...well it was a good weekend, but my goals were nowhere in sight! This is no longer water weight I'm dealing's actual weight :( My clothes are tight, the scale is up and I'm down...I'm trying very hard to forgive myself for letting things get this bad. I'm still not giving up, but I need to again figure out how I can indulge one night, but get right back on track the next day. This seems to be where I'm failing (in my opinion)...I indulge too many days in a row. I'm keeping my goal very simple and nondescript this week....aiming for a certain number makes me crazy, so I'm keeping it very loosey goosey ;)

Keep calories low
Exercise a lot
Drink a lot of water

Jenai - Thank you for getting us started today with that awesome quote! I really needed to read that this morning! Like Mern, I haven't read your posts as whining at all! I do understand you have struggles, like we all do, but it inspires me that you keep forging forward!

Jenn - Very sensible goals....those goals keep you very consistently losing weight! Wishing you a great week!

Mern - You've also set yourself some excellent goals! Glad to read you're going to start incorporating exercise again. That will certainly help get you to your onderland goal!

Libby - Sorry to hear you've had a bad weekend. You and I seem to mirror image each other :p Let's do as Jenai's quote said and "get back up" and make it a strong week.

JediMindTricks 07-07-2014 04:19 PM

Mern and Debbie, I'm really glad I didn't come as whining or crying the last little bit. In my own head that's what I heard so that's why I said that. Thank you both for being very understanding!

Debbie, I'm with you on finding it hard to indulge one day and get back on track the next. I usually indulge in a small, little something every day to combat binges, but sometimes I go really overboard and it's hard to recover the next day. You'll lose that weight again...I'm confident of that!

Jenn, good goals for the week! How are you? I hope you have a great week coming up!

lildebbieg 07-07-2014 04:32 PM


Originally Posted by JediMindTricks (Post 109762)
Debbie, I'm with you on finding it hard to indulge one day and get back on track the next. I usually indulge in a small, little something every day to combat binges, but sometimes I go really overboard and it's hard to recover the next day. You'll lose that weight again...I'm confident of that!

Thanks for cheering me on buddy ;) I'm sure some people may look at my weight and think I should just be happy where I'm at. While I realize I'm not overweight, I also know what weight I feel good at. Guess what I'm trying to say, thanks for not judging my personal goal. :)

That thank you is extended to all my fitday friends for giving me an outlet where I'm not judged.

Off to drink copious amounts of water to at least shed the water weight quickly and get back down to business of changing my body composition. :)

Mern 07-07-2014 04:44 PM

Debbie, your post reminded me of what my niece's husband said recently. He reminded his Facebook friends that virtually everyone has his/her struggles with the scale no matter if they're overweight, underweight, or in their recommended weight range. Very few are ideal weight with no temptations and in control 100% of the time. He is 15-20 lbs. underweight and as hard as he tries, he just can't gain weight and have scale numbers where he would feel fetter. Be as compassionate with yourself as you are with the rest of us in our group, forgiving yourself for yesterday and any days before. No sense beating yourself up over the past. We know you have it in you to conquer the scale and while we'd love to have your scale numbers, we know your struggle is just as hard as for those of us who have a whole lot of weight to lose. Loosey goosey is the way most of us are going right now because we're learning to not drive ourselves nuts over strict food intake numbers. Thanks for your encouragement on my easing back into exercise.

Jenai, I come here, as we all do, because I know we can post our true missteps without being judged. This group is all about support--both giving and accepting with respect for one another. :)

Well, I had my lunch revised from eating at home to eating fairly healthfully at a fast food place with food toted from home with two of my younger grandkids. But then my oldest granddaughter (great-granddaughter's mommy) called and invited me to lunch with her sister and the baby, and much to my delight, she suggested a buffet where I could very easily eat on plan. :)

Edited in later: at the buffet I had roasted chicken (I ate the skin) green beans, sauteed peppers and onions, brussels sprouts, about two ounces of teriyaki beef (proud of that control because I could eat a plateful of it) sugar free jello with sugar free whipped topping, but then a one inch cube of Rice Krispy treat and a very small slice of sugar free vanilla cake. So all in all, it was a nicely controlled cheat and I'm OK with it. :D

Mern 07-07-2014 08:22 PM

I just had the greatest compliment--from my 10 year old grandson: "Grandma, I'm not just trying to be nice or anything, but seriously, have you lost weight?" I delighted in telling him that I had lost 7 lbs. since June 25 and it made my day to know for sure that it shows, because had I lost it way more slowly, he very likely would not have noticed a more gradual change.

He was proud of himself for making me feel good. I told him I was going to tell my friends in my "weight loss support group" online that his compliment made me feel good and he said, "Be sure to tell them you said I made your day." LOL

So three of my daughter's four children were extra nice to me today. The fourth is an almost 13 year old girl who is struggling with overactive hormones during a growth spurt, acting like a moody child, and looking like a teenager. But she and I will both live through it. ;) I remember those days when I was her age and would not want to relive them for all the tea in China!

jjrudd 07-07-2014 08:53 PM

That's great Mern. Especially from a 10 yr old boy.
Pretty hot/muggy outside but I have been up and down the stairs many times and had a short walk to drugstore to pick up something for Mom. Don't worry not sick--prescriptions. So far have finished off 2 bottles (500 ml) of water.
Bedroom tidied just not dusted yet. Second load of laundry in dryer.

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