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Just got back from a wonderful semi-annual eye checkup. Glaucoma is under control again since changing from generic eye drops back to brand name and I don't need a new eyeglass prescription. It costs me an extra $44 every three months for the brand name drops, but that's a small price to pay for saving my eyesight. So I'm counting my blessings.

Mary, I'm glad you finally got some sunshine!

Aimee, kudos on logging your food again. I, too, am glad it's Friday!

Libby, kudos on your weight loss! I know how happy you must be about that!

Debbie, well done on all your accomplishments anyway. You're doing all you can and you'll come through like a champ when your body is ready. Big hug to ya!

Bea, I'm glad you're back in full swing. For the next 21 days I need to keep focused on getting in exercise 150 minutes a week however I can get it in. I don't lose weight without exercise, nor without drinking at least 48 oz. per day
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