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Sometimes I don't feel like drinking the protein shake, so to a serving of protein powder I add flaxmeal and, being a chocoholic, unsweetened cocoa powder to taste. Mix that up and then add cold water to taste and eat like pudding. Also good on a cold winter night warmed in the microwave.

To vanilla protein powder I add egg substitute (like EggBeaters--it's pasteurized so needs no cooking), rum flavoring, and nutmeg to make egg nog. It's really yummy. Orange extract is another way to change the taste.

I've also added zero calorie drink mix powder to a vanilla shake for a change of pace.

I make protein patties with protein powder, zero cholesterol egg substitute , unsweetened coconut or almonds and vanilla, almond, or any other extract or flavoring I prefer. Slowly mix in enough water to make it the consistency of Play Doh. Then I press that with my hands between two pieces of parchment paper and chill until set. Cut into squares or break off in hunks and enjoy.

I also use protein powder in my flaxmeal muffins, but as I said in the motivational thread today, no one in this group besides me, myself, and I likes my recipe.
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