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JediMindTricks 03-01-2014 06:39 PM

Protein Powder Recipes Anyone?
I bought a container of EAS Complete protein powder in vanilla. Anyone have recipes to make that taste good with protein powder? I tried it in my overnight oats with a little extra almond milk and didn't care for it at all. Suggestions?

Kathy13118 03-01-2014 07:07 PM

Make a smoothie, with some fruit that you were planning to eat anyway (within your calorie limits)? Have the protein powder be part of that smoothie mix.

Kumochi 03-01-2014 09:36 PM

I use the chocolate and add it to my morning coffee then throw them in the blender. I think Mern mentioned using the vanilla in hers. Smoothies are also great ways to use it. Strawberries would likely be good with the vanilla in a smoothie. I think there is a lot of difference in the taste of the protein powders. You may need to experiment to see which one suits your taste.

Mern 03-05-2014 06:37 PM

Sometimes I don't feel like drinking the protein shake, so to a serving of protein powder I add flaxmeal and, being a chocoholic, unsweetened cocoa powder to taste. Mix that up and then add cold water to taste and eat like pudding. Also good on a cold winter night warmed in the microwave.

To vanilla protein powder I add egg substitute (like EggBeaters--it's pasteurized so needs no cooking), rum flavoring, and nutmeg to make egg nog. It's really yummy. Orange extract is another way to change the taste.

I've also added zero calorie drink mix powder to a vanilla shake for a change of pace.

I make protein patties with protein powder, zero cholesterol egg substitute , unsweetened coconut or almonds and vanilla, almond, or any other extract or flavoring I prefer. Slowly mix in enough water to make it the consistency of Play Doh. Then I press that with my hands between two pieces of parchment paper and chill until set. Cut into squares or break off in hunks and enjoy.

I also use protein powder in my flaxmeal muffins, but as I said in the motivational thread today, no one in this group besides me, myself, and I likes my recipe. :p

Deliverance14 03-06-2014 08:39 PM

20 Delicious Protein Powder Recipes (That Are NOT Shakes)

20 Delicious Protein Powder Recipes (That Are NOT Shakes) | LIVESTRONG.COM

I don't use them but adding it your meals in correct to taste amounts (oatmeal, scrambled eggs, pancakes) should work with minimal after taste.

weightloser1234 03-07-2014 08:11 AM

Protein powder is helpful to lose weight. I f you try to take it with no carbohydrate meal, it will give you good impact on your health.

marcos8 03-11-2014 06:27 AM

I have tried mixing it with oats before, and I did not care for that at all as you said. I have mixed it in with my oatmeal before and I think especially vanilla powder would do well with Greek Yoghurt. Now that might be a lot of protein (and you want to make sure to keep stirring to make sure it does not get chalky or too thick) but that is one of my favorite ways to take in my protein powder.

aimeet_1 03-11-2014 07:30 PM

I've been making some nice vanilla protein shakes for post workouts. I add about a cup of soy milk, a tsp cinnamon, a tsp vanilla extract, a scoop of protein powder and a banana. It's pretty tasty if I do say so myself.

lildebbieg 03-12-2014 06:22 PM

I use protein powder in the Cookie Dough Bites recipe posted here and I also use it in shakes. Other than that, the only other time I use it is in Protein Pancakes.

In a small, personal size blender, I mix 1/4 cup egg whites, 1/4 cup oats, 1/2 banana and 1 scoop protein powder. Whip it all up to make a batter and then I cook it in a non-stick pan over medium heat. It helps to cook it with a lid on so the top starts to cook before you flip it....otherwise when it's ready to flip, the top is still runny and it ends up becoming a big mess!)

Prospect84 03-17-2014 02:58 PM

In something that can blend ice cubes (I use a Ninja blender) mix 12 or so ice cubes, 1 scoop vanilla protein powder, and 1 cup of either almond milk, or skim milk, or whatever kind of milk you prefer...

Then you can flavor it with whatever you like. I like to add 1 tbs. peanut butter. My wife likes unsweetened cocoa powder in hers. I have also used powder for making latte's to make a vanilla caramel frosty...

If you prefer it to come out a little thicker than what these come out as, just get some Xanthan Gum and mix a little of that in with it, it's often used in baking gluten free foods to replace gluten as a binding agent. It will really thicken these up so they have consistency like a Wendy's Frosty :cool:

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