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Thanks everyone, and it's good to know I'm not alone! I was not dieting and trying to eat right, but the weight would not come off and I started gaining again. So I started using the food journal here and realized I was eating more than I was burning every day. So I thought that if I took out my sweet and salty snacks and replaced them with healthy snacks it should help. It really has been so far. I don't eat unhealthy food overall since I almost always cook from scratch, but I do like my sweets! Grillmouse, it sounds like we were in the same boat!

I've decided to restrict calories because, scientifically you want to eat fewer than you burn. I've done it before, but I restricted it to 1600 a day. This time I'm restricting based on calories burned and making sure I'm below that, while trying to make sure I'm getting all of my nutrients. As well, I take calcium, Vit D and a multivitamin.

I'm also not worried about the exercise itself, just too much exertion since I tend to overdo it when I get my mind set on something... Can lactic acid be passed through breastmilk?
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