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Wylie7 01-13-2010 02:49 PM

Tips for weight loss when nursing a baby.
I am wondering if there is anyone nursing while trying to lose weight? After my baby was born I had 40 lb to lose. The first 20 was easy, but now it is a year later and I can't shake the the last 20.

I'm still nursing, so cutting too many calories is out of the question. I started seeing a personal trainer 2 months ago and it has not helped the weight loss (it HAS helped my energy level). I'm limiting my calorie intake to 750 less than what I burn (as of a week ago) and so far it seems to be working. But...

Am I limiting the calories too much?
How many calories does nursing a baby use?
Can too much exercise be harmful?

Anyone else doing this?

krstnabean 01-13-2010 04:20 PM

I'm still night-nursing my 14-month-old. The exercise can't mess with your milk supply as far as I know. And how many calories the baby takes nursing will depend on how many times she's feeding and what else she's eating. My pediatrician told me that the nutrients in your body will go to your milk first and you will get what's left. Basically, if your baby is growing as she should and you're not being undernourished, then you're fine. The first person to suffer from calorie restrictions will be you and that would be reflected by a lack of growth in the baby. Hope that helps!

kathietaylor 01-13-2010 09:32 PM

Everything said above I agree with, I would just add that you should take a multivitamin to help protect yourself. Make sure your fluid intake is very high, higher than normal. You need more fluid to produce the milk and if you are also sweating while working out you need even more. You should be able to eat all the nutrient packed veggies (except the starchy ones) you want and more fruit than a non-nursing woman. Nursing itself burns extra calories so you really should be able to lose the weight without too much trouble. Good luck!!

grillmouse 01-14-2010 10:39 PM

Are you taking advantage of the food journal? If not I would start by not restricting the number of calories but by getting 'better' calories. My baby is even younger than yours, so I can't diet, but I am making myself get my calories from, for example, nuts and cheese instead of chocolate and ice cream. I have seen minimum calorie suggestions ranging from 1800 calories to 2500 calories per day, and I am struggling to hit 1800 calories a day without resorting to comfort foods. It would be easier, I suppose, if I liked healthy food more.

I can't imagine that exercise could be harmful for your baby.

My insurance company actually had a dietician call me today when I posed a similar question to them. Your insurance company may have a similar benefit. Couldn't hurt to ask.

Wylie7 01-16-2010 01:47 AM

Thanks everyone, and it's good to know I'm not alone! I was not dieting and trying to eat right, but the weight would not come off and I started gaining again. So I started using the food journal here and realized I was eating more than I was burning every day. So I thought that if I took out my sweet and salty snacks and replaced them with healthy snacks it should help. It really has been so far. I don't eat unhealthy food overall since I almost always cook from scratch, but I do like my sweets! Grillmouse, it sounds like we were in the same boat!

I've decided to restrict calories because, scientifically you want to eat fewer than you burn. I've done it before, but I restricted it to 1600 a day. This time I'm restricting based on calories burned and making sure I'm below that, while trying to make sure I'm getting all of my nutrients. As well, I take calcium, Vit D and a multivitamin.

I'm also not worried about the exercise itself, just too much exertion since I tend to overdo it when I get my mind set on something... Can lactic acid be passed through breastmilk?

snolyzard 01-17-2010 02:41 AM

I have heard that lactic acid and other toxins stored in fat can go into breastmilk if you are working out really hard. What was recommended to me was, work out right after you breastfeed. Besides feeling better on your breasts, that will help icky stuff clear out by the next time baby wants to nurse. And drink A LOT of water. For me when I was nursing, any attempt to restrict calories resulted in bad headaches. I think if you are eating healthy, tracking your foods on fitday so you know you're not way off base, and getting some exercise every day you should be okay. They say that breastfeeding alone burns 500 calories per day so make sure to add that to your calories burned each day - make sure you are eating enough or it could affect your milk supply. Hope this helps!

ChrissyHankes 04-07-2010 08:09 AM

Don't cut too many calories!
You are right about the lactic acid! Be sure to express your supply before working out and HYDRATE during and after. You don't want baby getting all of the bad stuff your body is getting rid of. Secondly you only need to consume an additional 300-ish calories to maintain a healthy milk supply. (healthy calories) But going tdown to 750 a day is extreme. I was told to get a diet plan that set a attainable goal weight and then add 300 calroies a day for the nursing. If you make sure those calories are healthy ones and good fats... (ie your omega 3's, fish, avacado, olive oil etc) you won't mess with your milk supply.

Easier said than done! Having trouble sticking to mine.. I keep craving really bad calories. Ughh, day one again tomorrow.

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