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Originally Posted by ibizan View Post
And THIS is why I'm switching to MyFitnessPal. This monster of a thread goes back over 4 years and FitDay just ignores everyone. I've used FitDay for years, I've promoted/recommended it in the Men's Health forum community in which I'm an admin, and like so many others I've waited patiently for an Android version. Enough is enough. There are so many other tracking apps that now do a better job than FitDay and continue to evolve it's just not worth the the hassle of putting up with it.
I check in every few months to see if anything's happened. I can see it hasn't.

I have v.1 of Fitday PC and was thinking of upgrading -- thus my visit tonight. I can't see that v.2 is any different than v.1. The screenshots show dates from over ten years ago (and look like what I already have in v.1) and I would expect to see a list of new features in v.2, if there was anything to list.

Book-learned nerds can bang out a satisfactory Android app in a weekend or two -- provided they have a sufficient supply of pizza and Red Bull. They listen to their users, implement enhancements that are requested, fix bugs that are reported -- this is how they show their appreciation. Most give away their work for free. The ones that do charge a buck or two probably make enough to buy another weekend's worth of pizza.

It's pretty clear FitDay has no intention of listening. I agree with you -- it's time to stop asking.
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