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It is inevitable that we are all going to age.
However, it is very important to look our very best as the years progress.
These are some things that I notice make a huge difference in our appearance as we age.
1) Being active or joining a gym and staying fit (the mid area can increase quickly as we age and cause poor circulation and blockage to our private areas. Not good.
2) Healthy diet with less meat as we age
3) Lots of water for a great look and to keep all our vital organs running smoothly
4) Active sex life ( this will result when the above points are sound)
5) Reduce stress by working hard-playing hard
6) Maintaining healthy friendships not toxic ones
7) Be happy with your appearance as you age and accept the aging process with grace
(this will result in less wrinkles by worrying less)
8) Hormones become off balanced when we worry, eat poorly and stop exercising
So I guarantee you that everything will be fine once you follow the above routine and regain your confidence.
You can still be attractive at any age, if you take good care of yourself.

Hope this helps,
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