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Hi all! Checking in with day 20 of my 30 day rotation which was a mix of back and hamstrings/butt alternating with cardio moves of course. Awesome workout and I felt more like my regular self again...only coughed a little bit. I followed it up with day 1 of BodyRock Catching Fire 30 Day Challenge which was a 12 minute HIIT workout (another free online 30 day challenge that started today). It was a decent workout for sure and I burned an extra 95 cals in 12 minutes...not too shabby

Libby - I hope you're right tha twe have a good weigh in on Friday....I've been watching the scale this week and it's been mostly up? What's with that! Just gotta keep my focus and the scale will eventually follow...but maybe not this week for some reason?

Hope you're all having a great day!

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