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Debbie, big gentle cyberhug to ya. So sorry you're feeling even more miserable today. Wishing you comfort and wellness! You're welcome for the "virtual soup." Were you able to eat some comfort food last night? Does your Mom live in a rural area or in a nearby town? I hear ya on your Mom's cooking. My Mom was a very good cook, as was my maternal grandmother. But my paternal grandmother was was a horrible cook--pie crust tough and thick, everything swimming in grease, and homemade applesauce (not exaggerating) always dark brown from an insane amount of cinnamon. But she made really yummy mincemeat pie filling with real meat, raisins, spices and whatever else one puts in it. And she was a wonderful seamstress--made me a couple dresses for church that made me feel like a princess. Thanks for your congrats on my weight loss. I usually lose a whole lot more on a restart, but in the past I was exercising five days a week. I know it makes a difference, but I just haven't got it in me right now. Even a pound a week adds up to 52 lbs. a year, so a slow steady loss is still something of which I can be proud.

Mike kudos on your clean eating, water consumption, and policy writing and accumulating weight loss. Way to go!

Libby, how did your tests go? I've been keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. Your daily reports are really wonderful. Thanks for your encouragement. I haven't come up with any new recipes lately, but when I do I'll be sure to share the successful ones.

Erin, great job staying on track and planning ahead. Did you get your workout in before kiddo woke up?

Hope, it's five above zero here right now, not counting the wind chill factor. Congrats on planning, logging, and getting outside. Did you buy anything for yourself on your shopping trip? Ooh, thanks for posting your menu. I had forgotten about the Ezekiel bread. I hope whatever the antibiotics are for is cleared up soon. How have you been feeling these days? Thanks for your encouragement. I could probably be losing faster if I was exercising more, but right now if I can lose even a pound a week, I'll be happy.

Cassie, wishing you good companionship and good choices on lunch out with your friend. Kudos on posting and logging. You have wonderful goals this week that should serve you well. Thanks for your encouragement, too. I got a great chuckle out of your subbing "patient" for "spouse" in Hope's number 7 on account of the "basement con." LOL! I also got a chuckle out of your Buzz Lightyear reference. Yesterday I compared my 4 month old great granddaughter to Veruca Salt, the spoiled little rich girl in WILLY WONKA who was so demanding and sang "I Want It Now." A line in that song was "If I don't get all the things that I want now, I'm going to scream." My GGD has taken to screaming in protest (not crying) if she's having fun playing with someone who hands her off to someone else, or if she simply doesn't want to do a particular activity that was introduced. The duration of the screaming varies--I get simply a short scream if I give her an "infant grasping ball" but she'd rather have her plastic keys or her floor gym. I'm sure she'll grow out of that when she learns to say "NO, thank you." Right now I'm just trying to smile and talk to her softly to try to convey the idea that her problem is not the end of the world and her needs will be met, but not always instantly. I almost always read Mike's posts in The Count's voice.
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