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Hi, Hope! So great to see you! Thanks for starting us off. Your goals and menu look great. :

My goals served me well last week, so I will continue them but add a goal of losing one pound per week. Maybe that will encourage me to exercise more.

This week's goals:
Calories 1200-1600
Saturated fat average maximum of 12% of total calories
Net carbs (total carbs less fiber) average maximum 25g per day
Fiber averrage minimum of 25g per day
Protein average minimum of 120g per day
Dietary cholesterol average maximum of 250g per day
Water 48 oz. per day
Exercise 3 days

Today's planned menu:

eggs (I use zero cholesterol egg blend) with broccoli, turkey, and just 2 tablespoons Classico Roasted Red Pepper Sauce

protein shake with flaxmeal

wrap of roast beef, Laughing Cow Cheese, spinach and a couple strawberries

celery with peanut butter

homemade veggie soup, pollack fish, cooked spinach

another protein shake and the last couple ounces of cold skinless chicken breast
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