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I stopped drinking when my kids were little as I was the primary caregiver and needed to be fully functioning and be able to drive at the drop of a hat. - I would have a glass of wine in the late afternoon or with dinner. So I stopped - 15 years- the as they got a drivers license I began - on my solo holidays in the warmth of Mexico or some other country I drank every day and sometimes for a party. I have been diagnosed with CVID so gut health is hugely important for my health so once again I have stopped. If your husband wants to drink that should not influence your choice. When I did not drink and attended parties I was #1 the designated driver and #2 irritated by all talk that I should just have a drink. I respect the right of others to drink so respect my right not to. Substitute your glass of wine with some decaf herbal tea. AS for your goal take it a week at a time a pound at a time- it can be daunting to look at the total amount you want to lose and then you may think it impossible.
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