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Default fat people shouldn't run

So, I joined a gym this past week, and they gave me two complimentary sessions with a personal trainer. I met with him yesterday, and he mostly told me stuff I already knew, but showed me a few good moves and proper form with some of the machines. However, he completely shocked me when he said it wasn't a good idea to jog/run on the treadmill! He said I should wait until I lose the fat first, then work on endurance. WHAT? I really don't want to wait to start building cardio endurance. When I reach my goal weight, I want to be ready to do a 5k if I want. I want to enjoy jogging at that point so maintenance isn't such a pain. He emphasized the importance of strength training, which I knew and have been incorporating (I plan on doing much more now that I have access to great facilities!), but he was pretty set against working on cardio equipment. His argument was that larger people usually don't have proper form (especially the hips), and do more damage than good.

how does everyone else feel about that? It disappoints me...
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