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Unhappy Pushing love away

Right im going to be really honest here because i need some help. Ive been with a fantastic man for 5 years. He helped me escape my unhappy relationship and took on my kids when they were just 3 and 18 months. He has helped me feel like a woman and find the real me. I was 17st when i met him and he made me feel amazing, he still does now im 12st 4lbs.
The problem is ive lost my confidence- i seemed to have more when i first met him not loads but a bit more. I just dont feel attractive and im finding it really hard to be myself in the bedroom! He feels i dont love him anymore but i do loads and i keep telling him to meet somebody gorgeous he deserves who is sexy and slim-not wobbly with cellulite and stretch marks. He doesnt want to leave me and says im perfect for him. I just dont love myself like he loves me. He is really good looking and i dont know how i managed to get him. I feel too lucky to have him-he could be with any woman he wants. Everything about him is perfect-looks and hes a real gent-the perfect partner and father to my children. Why do i keep pushing him away? Im acting like a total idiot but i dont feel good enough no matter how hard he tries to tell me im everything he wants and more. Im really finding alot out about myself and i realise that even though ive lost weight i still have the body issues. Since dieting its like ive taken more notice to the bits that i used to ignore and noticed just where all the problem areas are. Please help me-im losing a bit of myself as each day passes.
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