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Default eating 80% raw/vegan

I am tracking my food intake for nutritional purposes not weight loss - I want to maintain my weight and get the most bang for my buck so to speak. My DCI is 2169.
I do not eat dairy,eggs,grains, refined sugar,processed food or meats,and certain fruits or vegetables as I have food sensitivities to them.I was surprised to see that my blended fruit and vegetable smoothies - three a day plus a serving of protein and three vegetable servings at dinner are exceding my recommended calorie intake by 22 calories and my only low items nutritionally are vitamin d ( I supplement) and am on the high end and I could do better with my calcium intake although it is almost RDA.All other nutrients are 1 to four times higher then the RDA.
Is any one else eating a raw or mostly raw diet? How is it working for you? Is anyone else considering eating a high nutrition diet?
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