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There are so many things that keep me motivated and the main one is members on fitday. Just knowing that if im having a crisis when i want the bad food i have somewhere to come and tell everyone.That way i get the advice im looking for and am never waiting long for a reply!
Secondly i want to be happy and content in my body-something ive never been. I love when my clothes feel looser and i have an excuse for a shopping spree to buy a smaller size!
I want to stand in the mirror and be happy with the image looking back.
I want to run around with the kids and not feel the flab running with me.
My acne is clearer than it used to be which means lessmakeup on a daily basis. This is a huge confidence boost and also motivates me to drink an extra glass of water and some more fresh fruit and veg.
The most important is setting a good example to my children and teaches them about new foods.
This has worked so far my children are choosing healthy options at school and tasting lots of new foods at home and enjoying them. FANTASTIC!
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