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My major eye-opener to NEEDING to lose weight rather than wanting to was when my dad at 49 had a minor heart attack. He survived and is well-thank you God but im so much like my fathers side of family. He isnt obese-if he was he may not have survived but all my cousins and aunties-grandad and grandma all have weight and heart problems. As well as the weight issue i have my fathers temper and stress so much its scaring me. Its like an automatic switch that i turn on for no reason-with the kids and my partner. No violence id like to add- just raising the roof!! This though is being dealt with and im learning to find ways to relax and not get angry so quickly.
So my dads heart attack helped me step back into weightwatchers last June just 3 weeks after it happened and i lost 3 stones in 6 months! I then left the meetings because i couldnt afford it and thought id be able to do it on my own. I gained 6lbs since december but im now back to the weight i was when i left and ready to get my last 2 and a half stones off. A wake up call to realise just how quick the unexpected can happen. Like everyone i want to be happy and healthy for my kids,myself and my fiancee.
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