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Goals: (Hope's Lucky 13)
1) go back to healthier eating (no sugar, tomatoes, light on dairy and wheat) - Y, Y mostly, (bread and cheese stick, due to rushed day. Yes with some additions ( cheese- again! and a couple of Hail Merry Macaroons no
2) plan meals and stick close to it -Y, close, ish no
3) lose some weight - N, Y, Y,2,5 lbs gained a pound back
4) stretch - Y, Y, Y, Y
5) gym or walk 3x this week- N, N Y N
6) don't everdo - not too bad, um, busy day Yes
7) write my weekly quota - close, N -class close No
8) practice Spanish -N, N Y, si
9) throw out (recycle) 5 papers or 3 unnecessary items (clothes, books,etc.) daily - Y, Y, Y, Y
10) organize 3 aspects of writing (files, notebooks, index) - daily Y, N, N, N
11) check out and hopefully order new glasses -N, N YES!!!
12) drink more water -Y, ? yes, yes
13) meditate- Y, Y, Y, Y
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