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canary52 10-07-2013 05:41 PM

Motivational starting 10/7/13 Anybody Out There Wanna Join?
I don't see a thread so I will start one and try to stay this time.

Goals: (Hope's Lucky 13)
1) go back to healthier eating (no sugar, tomatoes, light on dairy and wheat)
2) plan meals and stick close to it
3) lose some weight
4) stretch
5) gym or walk 3x this week
6) don't everdo
7) write my weekly quota
8) practice Spanish
9) throw out (recycle) 5 papers or 3 unnecessary items (clothes, books,etc.) daily
10) organize 3 aspects of writing (files, notebooks, index) daily
11) check out and hopefully order new glasses
12) drink more water
13) meditate

Mel-Mc 10-07-2013 05:55 PM

I'm back and starting off gently with the very basic goal of recording everything I eat.

libby116 10-07-2013 06:22 PM

I can't bring my self to weighing in today. I want to get a few days of healthy eating in before I step on the scale. Some people would say just face the music and get on with it but I need a gentler approach right now.
Goals for this week:
1. record what I eat and stay under 1100 cal. per day
2. drink 6 glasses of water
3. get the house cleaned up

Robingen 10-08-2013 01:17 AM

Hope, 13, how very admirable! Good luck with that:)

Mel-mc- welcome back to logging.

Libby, whatever works I say. Weigh in, don't weigh in, whatever is going to motivate.

This weeks goals:

1. Walk at least 1 mile per day: M-2
2. Do at least 1 household task per day: M- Mopped floor
3. Healthy foods: M-Y
4. Post on thread: M-Y

adyndravo1 10-08-2013 02:01 AM

Evening all. I had another long day working around the yeard. I got both ends and one side painted on the shed from the trim down. That took me 3.5 hours. Stoped for lunch and then went out and cleaned out a plastic 55 gallon barrel that has been around the place for about 6 years. I cleaned up the green house and planted the perennials that did not get planted out side. Got the barrel in and filled it and onther that has been in the green house for some time. So had a busy day. I feel like I agot something done today.

1 log everything I eat,M-y
2 drink at least 8 cups of water,M-y
3 Post at least once a day, M-y
4 exercise at everyday,M-y
5 If I get the job at wal-mart backery
no product samples

iansteele 10-08-2013 02:59 AM

Thought I'd add my Y chromosome to this thread and make some simple goals:

Control calories
Adequate protein
Don't slack off

Mel-Mc 10-08-2013 03:26 AM

I managed to log everything today. Didn't even go stupid-over my limit. Not at losing levels but at staying even levels.

libby116 10-08-2013 04:43 AM

Goals for this week:
1. record what I eat and stay under 1100 cal. per day: M-1114
2. drink 6 glasses of water: Y
3. get the house cleaned up: N

I had a bad headache today. The weather must be changing again.

Robingen 10-08-2013 11:03 AM

Well after reading up on what to expect from the lumbar puncture I am modifying my goals. Yeah, hmm I won't be walking. Or likely posting.

See you guys when I can safely sit upright again.

libby116 10-08-2013 11:53 AM

Robin, you are in my thoughts and prayers.

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