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Originally Posted by adyndravo1 View Post
Evening all. I had another long day working around the yeard. I got both ends and one side painted on the shed from the trim down. That took me 3.5 hours. Stoped for lunch and then went out and cleaned out a plastic 55 gallon barrel that has been around the place for about 6 years. I cleaned up the green house and planted the perennials that did not get planted out side. Got the barrel in and filled it and onther that has been in the green house for some time. So had a busy day. I feel like I agot something done today.

1 log everything I eat,M-y
2 drink at least 8 cups of water,M-y
3 Post at least once a day, M-y
4 exercise at everyday,M-y
5 If I get the job at wal-mart backery
no product samples
Wow, that is busy. You got A LOT done and probably burned a whole lot of calories.

Jenn, I hope you feeling better. Is it Canadian Thanksgiving?

Ian, Y chromosomes welcome!!!

Sorry I haven't repleid to all, I am sooooo busy and sooooo tired.
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