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I have been busy all week. Painting the ceiling. Got all the main areas done, now I can start on the trim next week. This weekend My sister and I are going to see how much of the shed we can get painted. It may freeze tonight but should not hurt the green house tomatoes and cucumbers. It has been raining and snowing alternately here for a couple of days. Lots of snow in the high country (water next year).
My sister has a saying-If it turns out alright in the end, it isn't the end.
Libby was to go on getting the house clean. Go shoping and get a table cloth and some new pants, you have earned it.
Robin sorry you are not well. big cyber hugs and an iced hazel nut coffee(with Sugar)

drink lots of water,y,y,y,y,y
log everything I eat,y,y,y,y.n
post at least once a day,y,y,y,y,y
exercise daily,y ,y,y,y.y only about a half hour painting and clean up.
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