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Hiya guys

My goals:
1) lose some frigging weight - N, N, Y
2) stop eating so much frigging sugar :N, Y
3) go to the gym why don't I 3x this week: N, N
4) stretch DAILY: Y, N
5) set priorities for work and meet them : Y, Y

OK see y'all soon, back to work (priority)

Mern, I haven't been planning (part of my problem) but yesterday I did pretty well ( and finally lost some weight):
egg salad (one egg) and a clementine for breakfast
Chicken breast and lettuce on ww sammie (as Mike would say) and grapes for lunch
one bite of a small cookie my friend gave me (too sweet!)
Fish, brussels and fennel for dinner
clementine for snack

Mern, your menu looks good!

Mine for today:
Breakfast was:
2 free range eggs, scallions,mushrooms, avocado and a tiny bit of goat cheese with one slice of bread and sugar free jam

Lunch (plan)
my homemade vegetarian pea soup

almonds or almond butter

Making DH homemade falafel but I think I am having turkey burger and salad

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