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Default You've been reading my mail!

PandaGramy - when I saw your post, I had to check that it wasn't really me posting under another name! I also lost 50# about 9 years ago, also gained back 30, also hypothyroid. And we're about the same age. I'm 65.

Have a spouse who was about as overweight as me -- he has been following a good program and has lost 60 pounds. I've been following the same program for much longer and have lost only 20.

Reading Pamela Peek's books about losing weight after 40 -- seems like stress is another double whammy for those of us over 40. We may be handling parents as well as children, may be in a more responsible job (if we're fortunate enough to still have a job.) Stress encourages our bodies to seek sugar and fat, and to store what we take in as fat -- not to burn it. How's that for unfair?!

Given the thyroid issues -- and the stress issues -- I need to keep reminding myself that I'm incorporating healthy habits not just to lose weight, but also to protect and improve my health. Regardless of the slow weight loss, I know I'm a lot healthier now than I would have been at this point if I hadn't been paying attention to eating patterns and moving more.

This week, down about 2 pounds. Maybe that's a good sign? OR, I could go back up 2 pounds next week...patience needed in great quantities!

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