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Good day all. I got up and out side and trimed up a couple bushes and 4 trees. I put it on the pile to be removes tomorrow. I then went around where becky and I trimed up the aspen logs and picked up all the branches. I got in my arobic workout to day. My heart was beating way faster and I got resistence in some of those warter shoots were way tough to cut with my pruners. Some I should really go back out and take a bow saw to. Tomorrow looks to be a busy day. If everyone comes who is suppose to. All the brush piles will be hauled out and the shed painted.
Mike glad to see you at least cheched in with us.

Goals this week are
1. exercise 5 times min.-1-2-3-4
2. drink at least 8 cups water min.m=y,t=y,w=y,t=y,f=y
3. Log every thing I eat.m=y,t=y,w=y,t=y,f=y
4 post at least once a day.m=y ,t=y,w=y,t=y ,f=y
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