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Had another busy day. I find when I am busy I eat less. I just forget about food until I am done. We are expecting rain tomorrow. It has clouded up and rained a bit tonight. I will have to work hard inside in front of the tv with my walking tapes. Me and the dog are s bit stiff. I had stiff knees this morning when I first got up. Had spagetti with home made sauce. We make a killer sauce and use our tomatoes and garlic and other veggies we happen to have.
Mern thank you for in the information on my grandmothers name.
Libby sorry ot see you are swtill not well. As far as allergies go, my sister and I both suffer from sage brush when it blooms in the fall.
Robin diet coke is the only real vice I have. I have cut back to about half what I use to. It really does help with the sinus and dry mouth which I have in the morning.
hope everyone has a good evening and a great tomorrow.

Goals this week are
1. exercise 5 times min.-1-2-3
2. drink at least 8 cups water min.m=y,t=y,w=y
3. Log every thing I eat.m=y,t=y,w=y
4 post at least once a day.m=y ,t=y,w=y
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