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Welcome to mcallahan. Sorry you must deal with the IBS. Enjoy your dinner veggies. Best wishes on formulating goals that will be both achievable and satisfying at the same time.

Nyda, you're getting a lot of exercise moving that wood! Thanks for your kind words and encouragement. I certainly don't do well on my own-- I need the support of this group. Oh, by the way, I found "Nyda" as a Native American name with the meaning of "a call"--something to do with a call. The other source I found was French as you mentioned but I've now forgotten the meaning. I love the name no matter what the source.

Hope, I should have thought of blaming Autumn for my weight gain. I have to start posting my menues again with you!

Libby, what fun it was to come here after being gone several days again to learn you've still got that chocolate bar in the freezer. I've had a crazy day and haven't gotten in as many veggies as usual, but I was in heaven eating mashed cauliflower with cheese tonight. I've gotten so that I actually prefer it to mashed potatoes. I saw your question about losing weight in the legs and possible hanging skin. I have no idea but look forward to reading what others may have experienced.

Jedi, so glad you joined us. We welcome new members any time--even the last five minutes of a week that's about to end. I just always hope our new members know we start a new thread each (USA) Monday morning. I like your nice simple goals.

Robin, I don't diet--I have changed my eating lifestyle and calories so that when I am at goal I should be eating the same way as I do now and about the same number of calories. I can't preach--I know what to do for myself and how to do it, I just haven't been doing it because I got burned out and lost willpower. We all have to find what fits us best as individuals and I just know you will figure it out. Kudos on losing two more pounds, are off treats, and eating clean. I am one who has disappeared several times. I know better--I have found it disconcerting as well when other veterans of this group have left without a trace.

Mel-Mc I hope your sinuses are better. My weed pollen allergy is worse but doc recommended two different generic meds for me to try since the generic Claritin wasn't working. The Zyrtec I took this morning is helping me breathe more easily, but I feel like I'm drowning in post nasal drip. Tomorrow I'm trying the generic version of Allegra to see if that makes me more or less comfortable.

Well, that's about as much catching up as I can muster today. Must go and log my food because I didn't have time to do it earlier today and then hopefully get in SOME exercise. I'm starting fresh after not exercising Monday or Tuesday, so my goal for Wednesday through Sunday is 90 minutes. Next week it will be 150 minutes.
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