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Hi Brenglyn and Missizz,
What I keep chanting to myself is "it's never too late" remember that getting fit doesn't happen over night. Your friends in their bikinis have different genes, hormones, inflammation, etc. Their bodies are not like yours. You cannot eat what they eat. You are a special kind of person who cannot eat that stuff and be fit. I say I am allergic to deep fried foods, alcohol, dairy, refined flour, processed foods. It is hard to stay away from those things, but I am special and my body is very good at making fat out of those things listed above. I am an excellent fat maker. The catch is, it is hard to be fat, hard on our blood vessels, hard on our bones, hard on our backs, hard on our knees the list goes on. I am here because I am 35 pounds over weight and carry it all on my belly (and some under my chin)
You can do it! I know you can. Follow the suggested calorie count by FitDay, do not eat less than that. Give up all of those craving foods by sucking lemons or some other strong flavor if you are allergic to lemons. Brush your teeth, that makes any food taste awful. Drink water unless your doctor says you shouldn't.
I am new to fitday too and hope it will work. I am in another weight loss group (in person) and hope the combination will work.
Best wishes to you both.
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