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Default Hello and intro :-)

Hi all,

my name is Sarah, I am 37 and have lost 10 kgs many years ago using Fitday. As at the moment I am more in need of weightloss than ever (about 40 kg in total to be where I want to be), I have decided to let it help me again :-) I have no scale at home yet but my guess would be 115 kg right now :-( So my first goal would be below 100 at my birthday mid-march 2014.

For healthreasons I am not really able to do a lot of sports and end up pretty sedentary a lot of days or only walking (which is a lot of effort for me) on others, so I have to rely more on the calorie-restriction. Also for healthreasons (and to make it all more achieveable) I plan to go slow with weightloss (but steady, HOPEFULLY).
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Good for you for joining FitDay. Slow and steady, the turtle wins the race. I am with you and support you in your journey to fitness. Remember it is called FitDay, not SkinnyDay, use the tools and info to become fit. You are worth working very hard to be a fit person. Treat yourself like the most important person in the whole world, after all you are!!! If you are sedentary you may ask your doctor about if massage therapy would be beneficial. I know it sounds kind of woo-woo, but some people think that if you get your body energy flowing in a healthy way with something like massage or acupuncture, your body will want to release the weight. Just something to ask your doctor about. My sedentary friend lost 30 pounds in a year with regular massage therapy as the main difference besides calorie counting. Good luck.
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