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Mern I have no idea how one would calculate the carbs or the calories for that matter in the water. But it is infused water which means that the nutrients from the ingredients have been soaked in the water (including the peels which are very impt.) So it would definitely be way less carbs than in the ingredients themselves. Surely someone has researched this.

The water tastes "ok" it is definitely not can taste everything in it. I have abandoned the idea of waist measurement as I can't seem to do this in reliable way.

Like you Jenn I have these peek a boo batteries in my scale lol, sometimes they work and sometimes not. I am now 1.6 pounds from my goal. Inching down to the magic number. Reducing my reliance on Fitday.

Libby there were power outages here too although it rarely seems to go out at my house. Glad to hear that the storm cooled things down, it did not cool things down here but the forecast is more seasonable after today.

Renewed soul, you are so dedicated! And you are rocking the plan. I hope you get your desired loss.

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