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Grandson's wedding and reception were wonderful. Just two more family gatherings: one this Sunday with DH's sister and some of her family from Florida at a casual restaurant; and the other next week with two of my male cousins at a casual restaurant followed by dessert at my house. Great-granddaughter due to be born in about four weeks and at about six weeks of age she'll be baptized, so that'll be one more family function to attend. But I am blessed with wonderful family.

Ian, wishing you coolness, too. Oh, YOU'RE the one who told the mosquito joke. I relayed it to my DH and he got a good chuckle out of that.

Mel-Mc, great Friday report. Wishing you a cooler, drier, and happier Saturday.

Robin, DH went out and cooled down the car before we left, so I was comfortable even wearing the pantyhose. Luckily our parking spaces were close to the air conditioned church and reception hall, so I didn't get too hot. I tried a fat flush once with cucumber and ginger and it was nasty. I don't know if I can afford the carbs in the tangerine, but the cucumber, mint, and grapefruit sound quite inviting. I'll look up that recipe and see. Kudos on the calorie deficit and swimming--great way to both burn calories and stay cool.

Jenn, you gave me a good chuckle. I had to readjust in the ladies room, too-- control top pantyhose and the tummy control panel of my skirt. And it did take me about 10 minutes because when I adjusted the control panel on my skirt, it pulled my half slip down too low. And when I pulled the slip up, the control panel got puckered, But I finally got it right. I was grateful for the full length mirror in the ladies room to show me I looked smooth and the control panels did their jobs well.

Claire, welcome back to the eating right train!

Quinn, glad you made it to the winery. Hope you had a great sleep. I treated myself to a light beer tonight--and enjoyed every drop of it. I don't think I'd mind having my lower legs shaved by someone else, but I don't know if I could humble myself enough to allow my upper legs/thighs to be shaved by someone else. I think I'd rather look like a gorilla. LOL Shaving my legs isn't my favorite thing in the world, but enjoying aroma therapy of a scented candle while shaving my legs with hand/body lotion instead of shaving cream makes it less of a chore.
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