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Originally Posted by Robingen View Post
I am really struggling with setting goals this week. I don't really want to wait til Sunday to weigh in again, I am only 2 pounds from my goal weight, I'm pretty sure that waiting til Sunday is going to drive me crazy. I think I'll weigh everyday til I see the magic number.

Mel-Mc, Renewed soul, Claire.......the weight loss, see logging and posting really supports you

Because I am traveling this week:

1. At least one work out while away
2. Weekly deficit over 3000
3. Make healthy food choices while away.
4. At least 5 bags of stuff to leave the house this week, charity, garbage, whatever.

Today I walked 2 miles and I would like to have another walking challenge if anyone is in.

Good luck to you alcohol abstainers!
It really does. I'm back up a few pounds, but since I've been pretty good on the calorie front, I think it's related to *ahem* other things this week.
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