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I'm sure there are wonderful dieticians out there, but I'm not including any of the three I saw. The first was the one I referenced above who I'm guessing has food and body image issues that she is acting out on her clients, the second was burned out and didn't care, and the third was enthusiastic but clueless. At least numbers two and three weren't actively bad. The first dietician is so negative and fatphobic that I fear for her patients. She just pissed me off but others might believe her negative comments.

Example: She asked me what my goal weight was. I told her I didn't have a clue as medical professionals had given me goals ranging from 110 to 170. She pursed her lips at me, looked me up and down and said "I'm writing down 170, but it will only be dumb luck if you get that low." Yeah, way to encourage your clients.

Second visit, one month later, I presented her with a completely filled out food log, staying under the calorie target 90% of the time, and having a 12lb weight loss. She hissed at me, "You people (yup, I'm a subspecies) NEVER fill these things out. I was supposed to lecture you on the importance of the food log. What am I supposed to talk to you about now?"

The only reason I didn't report her was that the hospital shuffled her off somewhere else and I figured they knew all about her. I later found out they put her back in her old position within a few months.
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