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Originally Posted by Mel-Mc View Post
Robingen, logging is the only way it works for me. I'm hoping that coming here every day will keep me on track. I did very well when I had to show food logs to the dietician. Until I realized she had very serious food issues of her own and told my doctor I wouldn't go back to her. (At our third visit I asked her for strategies for dining out with friends with whom you might not want to share that you are dieting. She went off onto this wild rant about how I had to explain to them that they were all going to die young from bad food choices and that I didn't want to join them in the grave.)
Mel-Mc: I hear you! I went to a dietician, twice, in 2002. The first visit she gave me nutrition materials and told me to write down what I ate. The second visit, I told her I had found FitDay, that she could view my log on her computer, and she didn't need to calculate the nutrition info because Fitday already did that. Then ... I fixed her computer. She told me I was doing well, that I owed her $ 100(!) and that I should come back next week. As if... Long story short, I lost some weight, quit Fitday, gained it back, and rejoined in 2010. Hoping not to re-gain this time.

There may be some who can find a good dietitian they can work with (thinking of you Mern!), or need the 'throw money at the problem' approach. But by and large I think dietitians: meh. Then I don't have an 'analyst' either...

- Donna

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