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I lost 5 pounds, so I am really thrilled right now. My total weight loss is now 40 pounds. I am definitely keeping baked sweet potatoes in my diet. I will post this weeks goals a bit later. I need to start exercising more.

Dmartz: Switching up goals is a good idea. I am actually going to start changing mine, too. Good luck this week.

Mel-Mc: Great weight loss! I bet your super happy about the six pound loss. Good luck this week!

Quinn: Your recovery is going great. You are putting a lot of effort into it, which is making you way ahead of schedule with recovering. I admire your determination.

Bojibridge: Good luck this week with your goals. Camping time is a hard time passing up temptations for me. Smores are evil.

Jenn, Dad_in_Fl, & Kocialapcia: Good luck with your goals this week.
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