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Originally Posted by dmartz View Post
Congrats on your win! Maybe the "stay to the right" guy who was kart shy was like my hunny. We were in the store as a woman in an out-of-control mo-cart ran right into his shins, doing about 20! She apologized profusely, and then rammed him again! (He somehow managed to stay on his feet throughout.) Those grocery stores can be a dangerous place!

Having said that, I volunteer to work the flag at the finish line!!

- Donna
You know, I've been really athletic my whole life so this has really been a learning experience for me. I've learned two things in particular... first, all nurses, as part of their training, should have to be required to stay in bed for a minimum of 24 hours and be 100% at the mercy of their caregivers just to see how awful it is... especially when they put the call button 4' out of your reach. And secondly, everyone should spend 24 hours in a wheelchair to experience what it's like. I first had to use a wheelchair after an accident on my honeymoon (don't ask... ) for 2 weeks. Even though the injury was to my legs, I was treated as though I had a brain injury. Especially waitstaff would ask my husband, "What would she like to eat today?" as if I couldn't speak or hear. It's quite eye-opening! The Rascals are a hoot though... I always wanted to try one out- I finally had an excuse!

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