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Originally Posted by carolynnq
Claire - any loss is good! You're doing great with the swimming. I see where you're coming from about not getting too obsessive. I often approximate with a salad or homemade casserole type dish. I used to enter all the separate ingredients, now I just find a similar item and estimate on the high side to cover myself.
I just made a monster "custom food" where one "serving" contains far more calories than I can eat and go with that (at least yesterday, where I went to a Chinese al-you-can-eat buffet, as I was craving their peanut chicken). But today is back on the horse time.
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Joanna: I hope you have a better week. Running five miles in one day is great; I would have to crawl the last three, if I tried that many right now.

Mel-MC: I saw you sneak in. Good luck this week!

Claire: I think it is great to swim so much. I wish I had access to a place to swim. Good luck this week!

I forgot to add my goals for the week.

Week's goals:

1. Stay under 1,200 calories daily
2. Log in everything I eat or drink
3. Behave and do not eat anything that goes against my vegan diet on July 4th; only drink water
4. Follow the goals above and do not mess up once this week on them
5. Lose 2 pounds or more
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Quinn, I hope you get your nap and 4 blocks in and get back to full strenghth ASAP. I haven't even been lurking so had no idea you were down. I sent Tori a PM to get the scoop. Big cyberhug to ya!

Donna, thanks for the welcome back. Best wishes on your goals this week!

Libby, I'm a whole inch taller than you. Neener, neener, neener! Kudos on all the weight you lost since May! Best wishes on your diabetic meal planning.

RenewedSoul, wow, look at you! Way to go on the weight and inches lost!

Robin, hi! Popcorn salt surely does add the water weight. It'll come off as quickly as it went on. Congrats on being only 3 lbs. from goal otherwise. Wonderful that you're ready for the maintenance mode after being confident of your good habits.

Carolyn, hi! I'll be back later to read your post and that of the others I didn't get to yet. Have to stop to take care of grandkids.
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Libby is that magazine a July issue? I'm always looking for new recipe ideas! I always seem to go back to my regular ones though.
I had a big salad for lunch so I'm back on track for veggies (for today).

Gotta go put my laundry away.
Nice to see we already have 3 pages for Monday

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I had to do some work for a while and when I peeked - I can't believe how chatty everybody has been!

Modest goals for this week:

- two extra, non-running workouts (I dismissed my last week's 10 minute ab workout, but had sore muscles for the next two days - abs and arms (why arms?!), so I guess it must have had some effect)
- overall 1,000 calorie deficit for the week
- walking challenge - 10 miles

The wine abstinence will have to wait until after July 4th. Ian - how about the week after that?

Happy Fourth to all!
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Red face

Well I am back also...

The goals are simple this week

Log food
This seems to easy but my inner self thinks if you don't log it you didn't eat it.

Hit the rowing machine for 15 minutes a day.

Just starting slow.....
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Originally Posted by ClaireS89
I just made a monster "custom food" where one "serving" contains far more calories than I can eat and go with that (at least yesterday, where I went to a Chinese al-you-can-eat buffet, as I was craving their peanut chicken). But today is back on the horse time.
I have one of those! I call it 'Food.' Mine is one calorie and I do a SWAG of what the damage is. Haven't had to use it lately, but Been There, Done That!

- Donna
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Goals for the week
Calories under 1,100 a day: M-877
Water 6 glasses a day: Yes,
Exercise 5K for the week: M-1.5k
I am going to try for two pounds this week.

I am the shortest person on the board Neener Neener.
The magazine should be on the shelf till August. As well as the recipes I was interested in the portion sizes. That was a real eye opener. I cook for three grown men and they eat a lot of food.
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I guess I need to get around to making goals.

Sticking to the 3's but with easier goals.

1) 3 liters of water/day
2) Gym x 3
3) Bench Press 255# x 3
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Libby, you know what they say: "The best things come in small packages." So you can crow about your height. I think I'm the oldest person in this group but that's not worth a neener, neener. LOL I was diagnosed in 2011 with pre-diabetes and reversed my blood sugar to normal through low carb diet alone with the help of my family physician. Meal planning is key to my staying on track, but I don't always manage to plan ahead. I cook low carb and my DH fixes any high carb stuff he likes. Do you cook special things for yourself apart from the men for whom you cook?

RenewedSoul, your goals are wonderful! Wishing you the best!

pcameronbrooks, welcome back. Logging is time consuming and I detest it. When I don't log I pay dearly for it. Wishing you willpower on that issue. Kudos on the rowing.

Jenn, great job on the veggies. I got all mine in, too.

Kocialapcia, modest goals in a holiday week are quite admirable. Enjoy the wine on the 4th.

Carolyn, summer is a little harder for me with grandkids here all day weekdays until 4:30PM and with all the family get-togethers. I can eat on plan if I try hard enough on tough days but I often cave. Ooh, iced coffee sounds great. Thanks for sharing your ideas.

Claire, kudos on your weight loss since 6/17. Don't sell yourself short on your accomplishments. Nice goals. Darling avatar. Chinese buffets are my fave food and where I do the worst with willpower. I don't eat rice, but cannot get out of there without two generous servings of sesame chicken and beef lo mein. And I pay with water retention in addition to all the carbs.

Yo! Joanna! Hi! Welcome back! Kudos on your run yesterday! I like your sensible goals.

Mel-Mc, move to the rear of the bus! LOL I like your goals, too.
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