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Big update on me.
The linky up there is a bit of an update on what I'm up to, long story short, I got into the Air Force!
So I'm in, but work still needs to be done on the fitness.
So in my responses to people below I talk about being "on base" and things like that, hopefully it all makes sense if you know I'm in the RAAF.

carolynnq - Thanks for the advice! The main issue I have is living on an Air Force base, so lunch is pretty much okay, I either at the mess (pretty healthy options), or at a little cafe they have. It's when I get back to my block (where I live on base) I'm too lazy. We can't actually "cook" in our blocks, no stove or oven, and we aren't allowed to use fry pans or grills or anything. We do have a barbeque outside, but that's effort and even with that it's hard to be healthy. So I look at the cupboards and see snacks... then go for a drive and eat bad. It'll be easier once I'm finished my training and get posted, but I know I shouldn't use it as an excuse.

Mern - Hi again! Yeah, I know it's stupid, but I always feel so insecure, especially because the guys at the base gym are super fit. They're really nice, and don't do anything to make me so freakin insecure, but I do anyway. Right now I've injured my knee, so I've got a physio program to do, so I have to go, which hopefully will become habit once the knee is healed.

Mike - I think you're right. It seems stupid I've come this far in joining the military, yet I'm still "too scared" to face the Big Bad PTIs (Training Instructors)! Didn't realize how much I missed your bluntness till I've come back.
As for you, don't push yourself! I mean, yeah, push yourself, but don't hurt yourself! Good thing you stopped when you did, and hopefully it pulls up good in the morning.

libby116 - Great work on resisting! You feel better for it already, don't ya?

iansteele - From memory it means "Dear Hubby", but it's been a while.

Today was good, passed 2 assessments (on top of the three we had yesterday ), so pretty happy.
Had PT in the morning so off the hook for now, but have to go over to the boy's blocks (accommodation) in a couple of hours to make sure it's "inspection ready" for their inspection tomorrow.
Need to get up early tomorrow to go to the gym, because after work I'm driving to Melbourne to see family, so won't have time then. The weekend will be a struggle for exercising, I can't run because of a knee injury, and don't have a gym membership anywhere (free gyms in the military - yay!).
Anyway, gotta go get my stuff ready for tomorrow so I have have an early-ish night. /hugs to all, I'll probably check back in tonight anyway.

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