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Default the un-diet

I have been doing low carb for years and have found recenlty that I cannot make myself stick to it so today I am starting my own plan. It is called the Un-diet. Basically I will eat healthy and whatever I want. I will have a 1000 per day deficit of calories which will give 2 pounds per week of loss. My current goal is by October 24th to lose 34 pounds.
current weight 274
goal by 10/24/13 is 240lbs

Basically I will log all food for each day. I have been using a body bug so I know I burn 2500 calories per day average. so I will be eating 1500 calories per day. take vitamines, drink alot of water, half my body weight in water per day/137 oz of water. I will workout 5 or 6 days per week.

I am eating healthy with balanced meals. I do not plan on eating anything white if it is possible, potatoes,rice, etc. mostly veggies, protien, fruit and complex carbs. If i warok out heavier one day I will add some extra calories. I pray that this works otherwise I will have to go back to low carb. If i want desert I will plan for it and that way I can have whatever I want....

If you want to join me with your plan or if you want to try this plan. Mostly lets support each other and keep each other accountable.


i posted this a few days ago. no response, i thought i would put this here since this is what everyone is talking about.

6/27/13 sw; 274
7/01/13 cw 272.4
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