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Originally Posted by hillbob View Post
the last post in this thread was march 2011 and the admistrator said they were wroking on an android app to be released that year. It is now mid 2013 and still nothing has happened...
I have used fitday for yrs on my PC but I am going to go to some app that I can use on My android phone so I can scan foods, input data at a restaurant ect. ect. This is the way all these diets applications are going.Fitday has had an iphone app for a long time but still no android. Android uis now over 70% of the cell phone market. What is the status??? I am going to have to leave fitday if there is not any android app. and I am sure there are many others that will do the same.
I agree I have been wanting an android app and there is not one available and like the above mentioned that post was in 2011, more then enough time to get an app developed and out. Not everyone has an iphone guys get with it. HRMPH
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