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>500 calories worth of exercise each day
M-258, T-843, W-458, Th-140, F-174, S-366
<2500 calories from alcohol for the week
M-864, T-0, W-0, Th-360, F-720, S-0
>2500 calories difference for the week
M-(102), T-834, W-1425, Th-393, F-144, S-1678

Well goals 2 and 3 are pretty much sealed (as long as I don't drink), but goal 1 is a complete failure, when you're too lazy to burn 500 calories from exercise everyday you know there is something wrong with you. If the title of this thread wasn't "no excuses" I'd site the weather, but it would be a lie.

Need to do 1261 calories of exercise on Sunday to get it to average out
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