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How many calories are in Spices and Herbs?

Choose any food and see calorie counts, nutrition information, carbs, fat and more.
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 Capers, canned
 Horseradish, prepared
 Mustard, prepared, yellow
 Peppermint, fresh
 Salt, table
 Vanilla extract
 Vinegar, cider
 allspice, ground
 anise seed
 bay leaf, crumbled
 caraway seed
 cardamom, ground
 celery seed
 chervil, dried
 chili powder
 cinnamon, ground
 cloves, ground
 coriander leaf, dried
 coriander seed
 cumin seed
 curry powder
 dill seed
 dill weed
 fennel seed
 fenugreek seed
 garlic powder
 ginger, ground
 mace, ground
 marjoram, dried
 mustard seed, yellow
 nutmeg, ground
 onion powder
 oregano, ground
 parsley, dried
 poppy seed
 poultry seasoning
 pumpkin pie spice
 sage, ground
 savory, ground
 tarragon, ground
 turmeric, ground